Business promotion is make up that ladies put on to make them presentable, it is the classy suit that every man wear to present themselves. Promotions serves as the façade in which customers see and show the business. In turn creating a brand that is innate for the enterprise that you are running.

However, running a good business promotion could entail a huge chunk of your resources depending on what the promotional scope and targets are. In this article we will delve into the intricate art of business promotion without the hassle of dipping deep into your pockets.

Let’s look into the art of Word-of-Mouth business promotion.

According to Abdullah Ali-Ahmadi in his book entitled: Word of Mouth Promotion, “The most effective method of business is for the business to gain the trust of existing customers and receive their recommendations to friends and family. This is really the best way for small businesses to prosper and be profitable. Try to focus on your work and commit yourself to the highest quality and possible standard of service, naturally your customer appreciates this. A satisfied customer who is impressed with your business will take pride in recommending you to others.”

He discussed that many small business owners are wasting good capital and resources in using advertising and other unplanned methods of promotion. He further look into the idea, by stating that the more efficient way in promoting the business is through the perspective of the existing customers through your product’s quality and as well as your customer service.

This is where word-of-mouth comes in. A strong sense of product and quality service can impress your customers and in turn the same clients will bring in more customers in the way of recommendations and referral. Doing these, is not only effective it is economical as well. The only effort that the business owner shall give will be the focus on the quality of the products and services that he is rendering.

Abdullah creates a simple approach to Word-of-Mouth business promotion and he summarized some of the points into seven simple tips. Here are some of the tips for every aspiring and existing businessmen for word-of-mouth promotion:

Tips on word-of-mouth promotion

Whatever promotional tool you choose, the underlying focus of it needs to revolve around encouraging personal recommendation. The following key points will help you to achieve this:

1. Get to know your customers: People feel at ease to purchase from the business that they know or to which they have been recommended.

2. Encourage personal recommendations: People locate new products and services by seeking personal recommendations from friends, family and professionals in the field, and rarely search for adverts.

3. Ascertain your customers’ motivations: Find out from family, friends, customers the answer to these two all-important questions: What motivates them to purchase something? What motivates them to sing the praises of a business they like?

At the end of the day, word-of-mouth promotion is all about being confident in yourself and in your product. Make efforts in encouraging word-of-mouth and ask for recommendations. Exuding confidence will also transfer to your customer as they also exude confidence in your business as well.

Learn more about the effects of the word-of-mouth and other business tips from Abdullah’s books, available here: