I know why you clicked on this link. You have a question need answering. You want to know the what is the secret for having good customer service. So, I will not hold you back any more. Here it is:

The secret about top notch customer service is that there isn’t any!

Are you surprised? You should be, because there are no secrets in taking care of your customers. You just go and do it. However, we have some tips on how you should go about taking care of all of your customers.

But first let’s discuss something and be clear about what we are talking about. According to Abdullah Ali-Ahmadi, a business solutions expert who worked with thousands of businessmen for more than 30 years, in his book entitled “Customer Service”:

“The only way to have a business is to have customers; without customers, you do not have a business. The more you understand about your customers the better you can create and adapt your products and services to better satisfy their requirements.”

He further elaborates that “The only reason for the existence of your business is your customer. Without customers, you do not have a business. What you may have might be termed a hobby, but not a business. A great number of businesses either forget or are complacent about this basic point:

Getting and keeping customers brings income and profit.”

He discussed in detail on how you should take care of your customer. How you can incorporate all your activities for your business for the benefit of your customers.

Abdullah also divulge some interesting tips on how to better understand the art of customer service. Here is a snippet of some of his tips:
Tips on customer service

1. Remember that behaviour begets behaviour: If you want to get the best behaviour from your customers, treat them well, value and respect each customer.

2. Appreciate the importance of image: Appearance and body language create empathy and understanding. Look after the appearance of your business and make sure you and your staff are presentable and behave in line with your target customers’ expectation or perception.

3. Focus on building rapport with your customer: Be at the same wavelength with them. Recognise common grounds, reflect customer’s feelings, establish rapport and foster a spirit of mutual respect and friendliness.

Establishing good relationships with your customers is the best way to improve your business. The flow of customers is like the flow of blood in your veins, it keeps your business alive. Now that you have learned the “secret” of having good customer service it is time to apply it in your business.

But before you go on, I’ll give you one last tip for your business. Read! That’s right, you should read and read a lot. And here is some of the best reads for any business minded person: http://amzn.to/2mFqA54